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Program 2023

FRIDAY, 27 October* 2023

02:00 - 03:30 pm FIS Forum Alpine Freizeit Arena Sölden
04:00 pm Meet the Sölden Athletes 360° Experience Room | Ötztal Tourism
from 05:00 pm WORLD CUP PARTY
with DJ Lukas Brunner
Giggijoch Valley Station
06:00 pm Start oldtimer convoy of top female athletes Freizeit Arena Sölden
06:15 pm Ladies bib drawing Giggijoch Valley Station
with BÄÄM&Brass & DJ Instyle
Giggijoch Valley Station
10:45 pm End  

SATURDAY, 28 October* 2023

10:00 am 1st run Womens GSL Rettenbach Glacier
  Glacier Party
with BÄÄM&Brass & DJ Lukas Brunner
Rettenbach Glacier
01:00 pm 2nd run Womens GSL Rettenbach Glacier
afterwards Winners presentation

Rettenbach Glacier

  Glacier Party
with BÄÄM&Brass & DJ Lukas Brunner
Rettenbach Glacier
from 05:00 pm World Cup Party
with DJ Lukas Brunner
Giggijoch Valley Station
06:00 pm Parade of fan clubs Main road
06:30 pm Start oldtimer convoy of top male athletes Freizeit Arena Sölden
06:45 pm Men bib drawing Giggijoch Valley Station
07:30 pm Prize giving ceremony women Giggijoch Valley Station
07:45 pm Fan Club Parade Awards Giggjoch Valley Station
08:00 pm World Cup Party
with JOSH.
Giggijoch Valley Station
10:45 pm End  


SUNDAY, 29 October* 2023

10:00 am 1st run Mens GSL Rettenbach Glacier
  Glacier Party
with Melissa Naschenweng & DJ Lukas Brunner
Rettenbach Glacier
01:00 pm 2nd run Mens GSL Rettenbach Glacier
afterwards Prize giving
ceremony men

Rettenbach Glacier

  Award ceremony fan club Rettenbach Glacier
  Glacier Party
with Melissa Naschenweng & DJ Lukas Brunner
Rettenbach Glacier

*We reserve the right to change the program due to weather conditions

World Cup Slope Rettenbach Glacier Sölden

For the alpine skiers the race track in Sölden with its impressive steep slope is the first challenge of world cup season. From the finish area almost the entire course can be watched.


Facts Race Course:

  • Altitude at start: 3,040 m
  • Altitude at finish line: 2,670 m
  • Difference in altitude: 370 m
  • Minimal incline: 15.5 %
  • Maximal incline: 65 %
  • Average incline: 33.1 %
  • Slalom sticks: 41 - 56 Slalom sticks, depending on the course setting
  • Speed of the alpine skiers: between 65 - 80 km/h
  • Required material: 5,000 m security fence; 4,000 m safety net; 11,500 m cable, 210 m airfence, 260m fence
Skiworldcup Route Sölden Rettenbachglacier

AUDI FIS Ski World Cup Opening Sölden

Promoter: Austria Ski Event Ges.m.b.H.
A-6020 Innsbruck / Olympiastraße 10
c/o Bergbahnen Sölden,
A-6450 Sölden,
Skiworldcup-Opening Sölden
Responsible Association: Skiclub Sölden-Hochsölden, A-6450 Sölden
General: Competitors who have been registered by their respective association are entitled to participate, provided they hold a valid FIS Licence (Art. 208.2IWO). Entrance is only permitted to the restricted areas (slopes) with the authorisation of the Chief Race Director and no exceptions will be made. The competition areas can only be entered with official accreditaton passes, with seperate entrances for women and men. In addition, competitors are reminded of the stipulations of the World Cup regulations and the IWO, and particularly in terms of advertising and equipment.
Judging: Women's Giant Slalom
Men's Giant Slalom
Competition Management:

Sölden Competition office, Freizeit Arena. Special announcements of the competition management and the panel of judges are made from the competition office.

FIS Chief Race Director Men
Markus Waldner
Janez Hladnik (Stv.)

FIS Chief Race Director Women
Peter Gerdol
Markus Mayr (Stv.)

Technischer Delegierter FIS
Peter Bizjak

Basis of the contract: Standards relating to the safety measures and conditions affecting the competition and training slopes are based on the valid and relevant stipulations of the Common Regulations for all Skiing Competitions (IWO) of the International Ski Federation, the agreement (specifications) between the Organisation-Committee (OC) and the FIS, according to which the instructions of the appointed jury are definitive. Each participant undertakes to inform the jury of any causes for concern that he/she may have. By starting the race, the competitor acknowledges the he/she finds the current condition of the slope and the prevailing safety measures to be suitable and satifactory. The promoter does not accepts any additional responsibility for any condition of slope or any safety measures.
Deadlinge for registration: For all national associations by 16 October 2023, at the latest.
Insurance: The relevant associations are responsible for insuring their particpants.
Complaints: Any complaints, in acoordance with the Common Regulations for all Skiing (IWO), should be referred to the competition office on the Rettenbach Glacier.
Official posters: Available from the competition office at the Freizeit Arena and at the competition office on Rettenbach Glacier.
Prize money: SFR 132.000 per race


Opening Hours Freizeit Arena



Race Office Skiservice Center
Thursday, 26.10.2023 8.00 am - 8.00 pm 8.00 am - 8.00 pm 8.00 am - 8.00 pm
Friday, 27.10.2023 8.00 am - 8.00 pm 8.00 am - 8.00 pm 8.00 am - 10.00 pm
Saturday, 28.10.2023 8.00 am - 8.00 pm 8.00 am - 8.00 pm 6.00 am - 10.00 pm
Sunday, 29.10.2023 8.00 am - 1.00 pm 8.00 am - 1.00 pm 6.00 am - 4.00 pm
President Falkner Jakob
Vize president Riml Bernhard
BM Mag. Schöpf Ernst
Arnold Andre
Finances / Budget DI (FH) Falkner Philipp
Ski club Sölden Hochsölden Grüner Sigi
World Cup Office Maier Lia
Mag. Falkner Jakob
Race Director Gstrein Rainer
Race course responsible Grüner Isi
Ski school Sölden Gstrein Gotthard
Piste Chief BBS Fiegl Manfred
Chief of gat judges Auer Gebi
Commentator Steinacher Stefan
Coordination Accrediation  Maier Michael
Holzknecht Antonia
Race office Schranz Alfons
Gigele Reinhold
Accrediation Weyringer Egmont
Human Resource Mag. Gstrein Claudia
VIP-Office Maier Lia
Tickets Baumann Viktoria
Banking Sale Ennemoser Christoph
Maurer Julia
Entrance Control Kneisl Konstantin
Kuprian Patrick
Steward Postplatz / Freizeit Arena Heinz Karl
Accomodation Thaler Michaela
Coordination Security Maier Michael
Medical Service Bombardelli Jürgen
Grüner Leo
Hausegger Simon
Mountain Rescue FieglJosef
Fiegl Jakob
Helicopter Alpin 2 Füruter Bruno
Jäger Markus
Race Doctor Dr. Schandert Maximilian
Police Baldauf Markus
Polizei PI Sölden
Pfeifer Gert
Polizei BK Imst
Fire Control Fender Philipp
Riml Rene
BH Imst Schatz Emanuel
Pohl Katharina
Municipal Sölden - Event board Klotz Kilian
Gastronomy Glacier Wedde Florian
Catering Piste / Assistants Grüner Roland
Side events - Postplatz Kneisl Markus
Gstrein Theresa
Schranz Niklas
Kneisl Philipp
Freizeit Arena - interests - catering Stecher Roland
Coordination Glacier Schultes Eberhard
Staff / Construction / Transport Waldhart Wolfgang
Responsible Glacier - Glacier Stadium Arnold Markus
Car parking glacier / road Schöpf Ernst
Traffic Kuprian Helmut
Brugger Nicole
Electrical installation Falkner Helmut
Cashier desks / Telephone Pult Gilbert
Holzknecht Egon
Radio System Auer Johann
Schöpf Andreas
ÖSV / ASVG Steger Rupert
Scherer Christian
Obergruber Maximilian
Gasser Christiane
Pilotto Birgit
Marketing WWP Kappacher Thomas
Program booklet editorial Mag. Jakob Falkner
Program booklet sponsoring Maier Lia
Press & Media Lorenzi Ernst
Pircher Anna
Marketing, Public Relations, VIP support Mag. Schwarz Oliver
Fender Carmen
Gstrein Vanessa
Event Department Ötztal Tourism Holzknecht Fabienne
Press Shuttle Schwarz Tino
Merchandising Glanzer David
Fanclub Organisation Lorenzi Ernst
Klotz Heike
Accreditation Weyringer Egmont
Video wall Faber Jan-Cees
Sound system Rass & Dorner
Security and barriers Hopfgartner Ingo (ALPINA)
TELEKOM Press center Brunner Christian
Radio system equipment Funkaustria
Ticketing ÖSV Fritz Elena
Security Walcher Security
Timekeeping Longines
Race Director Gstrein Rainer
Race course responsible Grüner Isi
Start line judge Scheiber Alois
Finish line judge Gstrein Andreas
Chief of Gate judges Auer Gebi
Chief of calculation team Gstrein Karl